Crochet Pattern Links

If you're new to crochet, or you just need a good brush up on some of your stitches...this is a really good reference that I've found to be extremely helpful!

Ana's blog...'Hooked On Yarn' has a super easy tutorial to get you yarning in the right direcction! Once you get going, I know you'll enjoy reading the other great interests that she has to share with her free patterns that she has listed there for you to enjoy! Ahhhh....the joy of yarn! I love free...and easy!

Okay...Here's another great tutorial for a new pattern I'm dying to try! The "Rectangle Granny"....
It's something different...not your classic granny square, that's for sure! I'm not one for traditional...mostly exotic and off the wall...yep, that's me...strange! lol! Keepin' it interesting for you...has some charm to it, don't ya think?!