Monday, August 26, 2013

All new..."MAKE-IT" Mondays!

Good Monday all! Hope your day is going well! As with most Mondays...they have a way of being hectic and chaotic...first day back to work from the weekend, usually has most people frazzled!
However, I am trying to take a different approach to Mondays now...get you on the right track...with a new DIY Project! 
Something to unwind your day, MAKE-IT Mondays....a time to relax, reflect and redirect your energies to something BETTER...something HANDMADE...something LOVELY!

Are you ready?! Let's get started!

"The Oversized Cowl"!

First off...let's begin, by doing my favorite thing...picking the yarn colors! 
Now...this is what I call "STASH-BUSTING"!

Go through your current stash, and pick out a variety of colors that you love to wear...that's right, I said "LOVE TO WEAR"!

This is what I picked today...
 Some charcoal, linen, caramel, and a variagated yarn with all of these and some turquoise too! 
Next...just make sure that all your yarn choices that you're working with are the same weight, and washability! Then, it'll all go together very you a neat appearance when it's all said and done. I like to be able to throw mine in the wash if, I usually stick to polyesters and the wools here! 

If you're not sure about this...look here, on the back'll tell ya everything you need to know!
Different label companies here, but still 100% acrylic, medium weight yarn and both machine washable!, let's keep going, shall we?

I've chosen a size K hook for this Oversized Cowl can choose a bit bigger or smaller, depending on the size you're looking for this to be when all is said and done.

Then, you'll want to chain 144 stitches with the yarn you want to start with first and end with last...or any number stitches that divisable by 4.

After you're done chaining, you'll want to join the two ends to each other...carefully unravel the two sides, so you're chain isn't, carefully slip stitch you hook through your first stitch you made...and the two ends will now be connected; leaving you with a BIG CIRCLE. 
Then, Ch 1, and sc into the same stitch as your, continue to sc around til you get back to your join again...and sl st into the first sc you made in that first row. 
Once you've got your first row're going to be starting what this pattern calls ROUND following this wonderful little pattern here at's a lace mitt easy to can download the pattern and follow it from Round 1, to 2, to 3 and repeat...til' it's the size you'd like to end up with when it's all done!
***Remember, you're not making the're only following the first part of the pattern, so you don't have to go any further than round 3...just keep repeating the same pattern until you get your desired length.
When you change your yarn color on the second round, if you choose to change your yarn at all...remember, this project is about can MAKE-IT, anyway you LOVE IT!
Join the new color yarn, and turn...then, sl st into the next 3sc sts loosely...and ch 4, then dc in the same stitch as your ch4 (this is your 'V' stitch)....then, skip the next three sts and DC 5 times in the very next st...(that's your fan stitch)

Keep going throughout...each round, changing colors as you many different colors as you like, and keep repeating your pattern as you go.
It should start to look something like this as you build UP each consecutive round...and when it's all said and should look something like this...
 Of, course...I have to tie in all my ends yet, from all my color changes...but that's just a matter of getting my sewing needle out yet. No worries there...I could leave it and go with a 'fringe look' too, if I like...and you can too! Accessorize it any which way you's all about you darling!

See ya next Monday...for our next "Make-It Monday"!
Hope you had fun...send me your pics!
I'd love to see all your finished projects too!

Happy Monday all! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


There isn't anything more fun than....CROCHETING! I swear! In fact...I know it in my bones!
I never thought you could become addicted to yarn...boy, was I wrong! hehehe!
Obviously, if you read my last post from yesterday'd see MY STASH! It's BIG and COLORFUL...and I couldn't be more happy...all wrapped up in it on a daily basis! I love to be silly in it, especially with my twins!

They're a big part of why I got started crocheting in the first place...just to make a baby blanket for my baby...of course, I didn't know at the time that we were about to have twins! What a shock...but, God gave me two, to sit me down and teach me to be PATIENT...and if anything, that's what CROCHETING has done for me!

It's all in the counting...don't ya think?! And I gotta say, it took me FOREVER to give in to the fact that I really did have to, whether I liked it or not! Now...I can't stop COUNTING! I love it! And now....I'm finally getting to teach my own daughter....Olivia! I'm so very proud of her! It just warms my heart to see her smile, and be proud of her "chaining accomplishments"! And now, her friends want to learn too! It never grows old...the teaching part, I mean...not the mess, that comes along with being creative!...hehehe!

Mess or no all starts with the chain, then a sc, dc or hdc and so on! I never get tired of learning...and challenging myself with a new stitch or pattern. So, today....I'm going to talk about utilizing MY STASH, and hopefully helping YOU with YOURS!'s LOVE at first sight! Don't you agree?! It's not all the same though...and a lot of times we're not sure what to use or how to use it...especially if you're a beginner of sorts. Most of us are familiar with the same old brands...Lion Brand, Red Heart, Caron, and if you're a Hobby Lobby fan like've probably used 'I love this Yarn'! Well, I do...LOVE IT, I mean! It's sooooo soft, and it works up well...I don't like that it's made in Turkey and not the USA; but it's what I have most available to me here in my local shopping area, and it's affordable! So,'s my yarn of choice for most of my projects that I make. Everyone has their favorites...hence, THE STASH! Because, when it's on sale, WE BUY...right ladies?!
 Since, we're going to be talking about a particular baby blanket I'm currently working on...thought we'd start with how I gathered up my yarn...out of MY STASH, and made it work for my current project at hand. As you can see, I've got two different brands of yarn here...both are the same weight (4-ply), 100% acrylic yarn, and call for the same hook size to be used to get the right gauge for your finished work. So, when you compare the labels...and it all matches're in great shape to mix and mingle...and make sure they're both washable! Don't ever mix a wool with an acrylic, unless it's a wool/blend with a wool/blend. Sport weights should be used with sport weights, and so on...get my drift?! Good...if not...see me in comments below, and we'll chat!
Once you've got your yarn figured've got to decide on a pattern and the hook! Everyone has a FAVORITE HOOK...I know I do! I love the Susan Bates with the bamboo handles...I can go like crazy with them! But, like I said...everyone likes to use what they're comfortable with.
Another rule of thumb...everyone holds the hook differently...and from right to left...NO TWO STITCHERS EVER HAVE THE SAME STITCH might hold the yarn and hook tighter or looser than the next person...and so making your item appear to look different when it's all done as well. This is important to remember, when you're sitting there comparing your finished work to someone elses....STOP! Don't hurt yourself here!'s not worth it! Yours will never be the same as mine and so forth!
 For this project...I chose an "I"'s normal for a baby blanket...or a J or K...whichever you prefer to work with...the larger the hook, the larger the finished piece...and vise versa...the smaller the hook, the smaller the finished piece.
Got it? GOOD!
So, now to the pattern! We're almost ready to begin crocheting now!
I can't wait to start teaching you this neat little wave pattern! It looks complicated, but IT'S NOT! Trust me, if I can do it...SO CAN YOU!
I like to line up my yarn...get my inspiration, and then choose a pattern...kind of like telling a story! Only you are the author of the finished piece now...the pattern is only the guide!
You can do anything you like with the pattern once you understand that it's okay to mix and mingle your colors, yarns and hook sizes!
The world is your oyster...make it sparkle and shine, just like you!
This isn't a complicated pattern...I think anyone can do this! You just need to decide how large or small you want your pattern to be...if it's a scarf or a blanket, you need to first determine how long you want your finished piece to be...that will determine how many chains you start with in your foundation chain.
Of course, if you're like might need more of a visual!
Here's a great little U Tube tutorial to help you out here!
And, when you get's easy! Just keep repeating your pattern until you get it to the length you want...and it'll look something like this:
Happy stitching all! Let me know how yours turns out!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Been Forever, and A Day!

WOW! Can you believe it's been this long since last I posted?! Me neither!
In fact...a lot has happened, that's for sure!
Been upcycling and crocheting like a mad woman!
In fact, it got so bad...I had to enlist my dear sister from PA, to come out here and help me shovel through this mess!
It wasn't pretty!
The mess was not only taking over my office, it was taking over my house...which was 'LITERALLY' taking over my life!
I seriously needed a CRAFT INTERVENTION!
And so...after taking pictures of every single mess throughout my whole house...I became fixated on the fact, that I needed help!
I made up my mind...I wasn't going to live like this any more!
I was going to dig out of this mess if it killed me!
Obviously, I am still a live to talk about it!
We rolled up our sleeves...made several trips to Goodwill...and threw a lot of things away that we hadn't looked at in the 5 years we've lived here now!
But, I can honestly say...YES...I was tired...BUT OH", how I was RELIEVED!
It was finally over!
I could see the bare floors! It was time to put it all in the closet, nice and neat!
I made a simple pledge...
"I am not allowed to buy any more yarn, until I finish most of the projects I've already started!"
So...Now, I sit to not only write about it...but keeping up with my promise to myself and my awesome sister, Twyla...who came all the way out here from PA to help me get my LIFE back!
Just as TRANQUIL as my newly painted bedroom...
and as FRESH as the clean, uncluttered carpet that I can see underfoot now!
Now...we can start talkin' STASH!
And ' I have it!'
See you for the next episode of 'gathering the yarn'...for some great upcoming crochet episodes!
Stayed tuned...for more great fiber talk to come!
We'll be workin' 'FROM THE STASH', in search of some of the greatest 'WAVE' patterns to date!