Monday, July 30, 2012

Zucchini...It's What's For DINNER!

Well, a couple months started with a few seeds, and grew into this plant...
 that created many more zucchini than we could ever care to eat in a week! So......then, this mama has to GET CREATIVE!
Every day this week, I've been making something with Zucchini IN IT! From breakfast, lunch, dinner and now, to has become a staple in our house this month!
This was a 'Zucchini-Carrot Cake' that I made and used this recipe...

One night...we decided to make something fun with the kiddos in mind..."mexican-italian"! Lol!
"Pepperoni & Cheese Zucchini Quesedillas"...from start to finish, it was a fresh lil' dinner that we'll definitely be repeating before this summer is over!

Start with your zucchini...slice it with a potato peeler (or cheese grater), so it's nice and thin! Next, get the rest of your ingredients around for this recipes' quick and easy assembly as your grill gets nice and hot...

 either way you decide to slice it up...make sure it's nice and cheese (they won't know the difference here, as long as you remove the rind!)

Since I didn't have any pizza sauce, I took some of my own homemade spagetti sauce (or you can use your favorite store bought brand) and a can of tomato paste...added it to a sauce pan, stirring constantly with about 1/2 cup of your sauce...and in just a few short minutes you have some thick 'pizza sauce' on hand to use! Yippy...I'm all about makin' it if you can...then, you get the consistency you're lookin' for to make that recipe of yours...even better! Then, set it aside, off the don't want it to burn after it's all done can spoon on your flour tortilla when you're ready to start assembling...any leftovers, you can easily store in an airtight jar/container in the fridge for future use.
Now, you're ready to start compiling all the other ingredients to your soft flour tortillas...I like to quickly oil em' first...either side with a little salt, pepper and garlic mixed into your oil for easy prep before placing on the hot em' a nice flavor at the end!
Then, start pilin' on the goodies...sauce, pepperoni, cheese (I used a pizza mix here; mozzerella/colby) and then added the shaved zucchini and some other herbs, like my favorite... 'Onion-Onion' from "Tastefully Simple"'! Whatever you have on hand is can just add your own favorite basil, oregano, garlic and some salt/pepper to name a few. It's your, you decide!
...either way, you just keep layerin' em' up and add a little more cheese to the top, and put on your last 'oiled' flour tortilla and then, begin grilling!

 I used my stove top grill, but you can take em' out on your regular outdoor grill as well!
Once they're nice and hot, flip it over for the finishing grill time needed to cook it through, and then simply flip on top of your cutting board for easy cutting and serving to your hungry crew, patiently waiting at the table!
Whichever you decide to serve with it, have fun...make it colorful and festive! And remember, it's summer and it's hot...make a quick salad to go along with it and add some fresh cut cantaloupe for some juicy fun at the table....we love finger foods...just make sure the napkins are handy...for the slurppers in your bunch!
This is Grade A...good food, here, mamas! Packed full of fun, kid can resist...not even my finicky two!
Tomorrow....we're lookin' to make some zucchini jam...they say it tastes like strawberries! We'll see...check back in for 'Zucchini Week, Part 2"!