Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Small space gardening, with big ideas!

Good afternoon all! Thought we could get cozy in the garden this week...hope you don't mind getting better aquainted! I've never been much of a 'green thumb', even though my maiden name was Green for the first 24 years of my life...and now I'm a Potter, LOL! Guess God really wants me to dig into dirt, eh?!

How 'bout you? Ever get a hankerin' for some cool dirt to be underneath your toes, plantin' a few pretties you picked up on sale...and then, hope for the best?! Then, sweetie...we have alot more in common than you think! What I don't know, I make up for in reading, surfin' the net, and simply askin' lots of questions to perfect strangers that look at me funny! I'm kind of quirky that way, ya makes life much more interesting I think! I'm okay with the fact that not everyone's going to like long as I like me...that's all that counts!

Now, I said, I like pretty things and I love to, contatiner gardening is really my speed of gorgeous, if I do say so myself! I just need to remember to water it every so when it's wilting, then I run for the water hose! It gives me a little more exercise in my day...and that's a good thing!

In my search today, I found some great ideas that I wanted to share with ya'll....starting with this great website to get ya started...all made with reycled materials in small spaces...anyone can do this; including ME!

Got an old dresser you can't use anymore? Oh my goodness...what a great new use for it!
 Okay, who doesn't have one of these layin' around in the closet or on the back of your door, not being used to its fullest potential? I do! And this is what I'm going to do with mine! HERBS anyone? Or how bout' some cherry tomatoes?! Whoop, whoop! I just can't wait to get it planted...and you?!
This is incredibly simple...gutters! OMGosh...would've never given it a thought....I mean, WOW! This could be put anywhere...on the side of anything; cut to length, screw to the wall and plant your seeds...and let God do the rest!

Now, these are some pretty neat ideas, don't ya think?! I'm excited to go try at least one, maybe more! I found some cute old pallet ideas, along with old tin cans...if you can recycle it...why not REUSE IT?!
You might want to try some Haute-Urban Gardening..."it's sexy and you know it"! I love the Black Eye much fun, you can't help but join in! And that's how I feel when I get into this article on small space gardening:

Doesn't this look easy, and fun? Something you could definitely do with the kids, right?! That's what I was thinkin to! You could use any size can that you're just need some dirt and flowers, and you're set! Apartment dwelling, condo porch, deck or window's all doable!

Well then, hope I gave you something to look forward to makin' in your little space, you call "HOME"! I'm going out to start workin' on mine right now! Can't wait to see what I can come up with after all this research...a few up & coming rummage sales might be in the 'forecast'! Ya think?!

Happy Day to ya'll...and remember, if you're not thinkin' outside the box here, you're definitely, NOT LIVING in your space!
Create and grow, my friend...that's what God engineered us to do. In fact, Jesus so instructed us to do exactly John 6:12, He speaks volumes in the matter of 'waste not, want not', that I believe we should all be following in EVERYTHING we do...not just what WE THINK we should be doing with what we have!

"When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples,

'Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted'."