Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Been Forever, and A Day!

WOW! Can you believe it's been this long since last I posted?! Me neither!
In fact...a lot has happened, that's for sure!
Been upcycling and crocheting like a mad woman!
In fact, it got so bad...I had to enlist my dear sister from PA, to come out here and help me shovel through this mess!
It wasn't pretty!
The mess was not only taking over my office, it was taking over my house...which was 'LITERALLY' taking over my life!
I seriously needed a CRAFT INTERVENTION!
And so...after taking pictures of every single mess throughout my whole house...I became fixated on the fact, that I needed help!
I made up my mind...I wasn't going to live like this any more!
I was going to dig out of this mess if it killed me!
Obviously, I am still a live to talk about it!
We rolled up our sleeves...made several trips to Goodwill...and threw a lot of things away that we hadn't looked at in the 5 years we've lived here now!
But, I can honestly say...YES...I was tired...BUT OH", how I was RELIEVED!
It was finally over!
I could see the bare floors! It was time to put it all in the closet, nice and neat!
I made a simple pledge...
"I am not allowed to buy any more yarn, until I finish most of the projects I've already started!"
So...Now, I sit to not only write about it...but keeping up with my promise to myself and my awesome sister, Twyla...who came all the way out here from PA to help me get my LIFE back!
Just as TRANQUIL as my newly painted bedroom...
and as FRESH as the clean, uncluttered carpet that I can see underfoot now!
Now...we can start talkin' STASH!
And ' I have it!'
See you for the next episode of 'gathering the yarn'...for some great upcoming crochet episodes!
Stayed tuned...for more great fiber talk to come!
We'll be workin' 'FROM THE STASH', in search of some of the greatest 'WAVE' patterns to date!