Friday, May 11, 2012

Treasure Hunting!

Hey all! Hope your having a wonderful PRE-MOTHER'S DAY! I decided to take the day off, and do a little 'Goodwill Hunting', along with some garden/flower shopping today. And shop, I DID!

Wow...what an exciting trip I had this morning, too! I went in search of containers for the garden...and I came away with soooooo much more than I bargained for! I swear, you can't ever salvage's great for the community, too! Everyone WINS! I love that part the most...because, someone can always benefit from someone elses' junk...or as I love to say, "TREASURE"!
 I had the cart full, from top to bottom before I left today!
 From old plates, different size baskets to fill up with some good ol' dirt and plants, to some crafting was a well rounded trip!
 This mans tie compliments this one of a kind placemat...along with a few more dishes...couple more baskets, some star and flower doilies, and a glass jar decanter that's sloped in the front! Oh...and get a load of my chicken was a whoppin' 39 cents...and I got 50 % off that yet! Who can beat a deal that good?!

 This cute lil' jean jacket is the perfect chair back cover, if I do say so myself! And the glass block...99 cents! Plus, this book is loaded with good stuff...from crocheting, knitting, sewing, and other types of needlecrafting! Again...99 cents! gotta start shopping at your local refuge never know what your going to get, or who your going to be helping, either!
 I know...more plates, baskets and cool vintage planter material! I'm just so psyched...I went right over to the plant store after I left here, just to get what I needed, to come back home and quickly start planting! LOL!  There's no the PRESENT, to act on our passion...right?! So...I urge you...get in your cupboards...stop at a rummage sale...don't let that unused, unloved stuff go to waste! Make it work for you...inside or out! Your world is your oyster...make it anything you want! I'm making mine....."Treasurable"!

Aren't these georgously, mystifying?! What a story they have to tell! Can't wait to get them up on my wall....they're just so captivating!

 I like to take the kids "treasure hunting" too, because it teaches them that you don't have to buy everything brand new, and that it's okay to give as much as you with their donatables, too! It's easier to get them to part with stuff they don't play with any longer, because they know it's going to a good cause. I try to use every trip like a lesson plan, for a rainy more pennies in your pocket to do other things with...or the commitment to practice community service, like the workers at the thrift store where we like to shop...that they 'volunteer' their time...and give back in other ways to their communities. There's always a teachable moment...when we'thre paying attention, don't you think? 
This summer is only just begun's not even Mother's Day yet...don't just smell the flowers...get out there and create a new living scenery that you just can't wait to share with your family and friends! Treasures are what you make of them...and they don't even have to cost you a penny! You might already have what you're lookin' for and don't even know it! Look at everything as if it were the first time you've ever seen it...with inspiration and awe!
You could take your mom to a flea market for breakfast this weekend...and find some treasures together, while making it a Happy Mother's Day to remember!