Monday, April 30, 2012

April showers bring kitchen delights!

Gotcha thinkin', don't I?! Well, we all know that rainwater produces great grass...but you also need the right amount of compost and sunshine to get the perfect flowers, fruits and veggies from your garden. Your windowsill, in the the perfect place to start in the spring! Well, mine is facing south, to a sea of alfalfa and dandelions at the's so very pretty to look at, I want it to last forever!

That's why I love to enhance what's on the outside, and bring it indoors...throughout my it a refreshing feeling, that stays with you....even after the spring is gone to full bloom of summer. That's where I love to surround myself with my yarn...especially in areas that I find I need help in staying focused on the chore at, 'washing dishes'! If I make it a fun and fanciful area of interest, I'm more attracted to that a butterfly to catch more bees with honey! Get my drift here?, what are you holdin' out for? Get crochetin' up some fun in the sun for yourself to enjoy everyday!
Here's a quick little pattern for you to do up in a jiffy...any left over cotton will do...along with a G or an H hook; use what ya own, or what ya like to use!

"Loops of Love Knots!"

Start with ch 32...then, make a dc in 2nd ch from last, and dc across; 30dc in first row made.
Then, ch 4 and turn, sk 1st st, sc in 2nd st, *ch3, sk st, sc*, repeat across to end of the row.
Ch 3, turn, 2 dc in loop made from previous row (this creates a "V" stitch in your loop), and 2 dc in each loop across,til the end of the row.

Repeat the first two rows til you get to 19 rows,  and then...

for the last row (20), ch3, turn, dc in first st, and dc in every st across thereafter, til the end of the row. Tie off, and weave in your ends.

Your newest washcloth, can now be used in the kitchen, bath or ANY cleaning (dusting) area you choose to use them...they wash up beautiful in your everyday regular laundry, and they last forever!
And...They make great gifts everyone ya know!
Make it longer, bigger or's your pattern to adapt to whatever job you need to do! Have fun with it...because 'any job worth doing, should be done with a joyful heart'! And, when it comes from your hand (made by you), your more likely to enjoy the work at hand (done by you)!
It's all in the act of living, that we come Alive in all that we do...and being self-disciplined to get it done! We need encouragement from every resource we can get it from...even a dishcloth, in my book! So, I look at everything that God gives me, as a tool to use for my good and the good of others...which, in this case...would be my health and my families well-being! Praise God for the gift of handmade and all things crochet, in this case!

It is then, that I am able to remember, when I am getting ready to avoid doing a chore I don't have great feelings for...that I evoke the word of God into my undesirable list of to-dos! I set my mind on exercising that awesome  "spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline" from 2 Timothy 1:7; that I will be able to squelch negative emotions from my tasks at hand, put aside my feelings for my dislike of doing the dishes (that are everywhere on my counter), and allow Jesus to be my kitchen sidekick (my integrating force, if you will) while enabling me then to begin washing with joy, instead of discord and distaste. Oh, and by the way, I do have a dishwasher...but I don't even like to load and unload it; I'd still rather wash by is way more gratifying in the end...a job well done, I think...when it's done, that is! I know, somedays, I need to laugh at my own brings me back to my senses...that God really does know His child best! Yep, the creative procrastinator...that's me!