Thursday, April 12, 2012

Devine Inspiration is Creativity!

I am so excited to share in God's word with you all today! Furthermore, I am encouraged by all the different interpretations of His word as well!
Take Proverbs 12:14 for instance..."From the fruit of his words a man shall be satisfied with good, and the work of a man's hands shall come back to him [as a harvest]."
This is probably my favorite version...because it's exactly how I feel when I'm sitting behind a skein of yarn, with my hook in hand! It's the greatest feeling, when I can put a face to my efforts before me...knowing that God's love is ultimately going through these stitches to touch the recipient of the final project at hand here.

I think anyone can sit around having a bad day, but when we choose to make our day more productive and creative...we are choosing to have a 'good day'! We can raise up above pain and debilitating thoughts, to meet God in the Garden...rising up from our afflictions, to the very expectations He has for us to be inline with His Word. Why wouldn't you want to speak it into everything you do...and as well, wrap yourself up in a beautiful shawl, made just for you?!

God loves us into completion, just like the stitches in that project you hold before you. We start out with a pattern, the right yarn and hook...then, we find time to begin stitching it together until it's all done. God does exactly the same thing...from birth we were knitted and formed together in His image...with just the right kind of love that makes us, us...and everyday He waits to see how we'll turn out.

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed with your pattern, and just given up...only to put it aside for another day? Me too! Sometimes years will go by, and I'll find it, only to pick it back up where I've left off...but, now...I'm wiser. I've learned a little, from listening more, watching more, allowing myself to be more patient...and guess what? God never left us in all that time either...He's still there, waiting for us to pick back up where we left off with Him to! He loves to fact, He's the Master of Patience! He never gets tired of waiting for us to come bak to Him...infact, He glorifies in our return! Have you ever been so excited to finish a project, that you couldn't wait to share it with someone....everyone?! Well, that's God, times a zillion...when we only whisper His name! It makes me giddy, just to think of it! Like a little girl, who's looking to her Father for approval at every turn I make. What a good feeling it BE LOVED BY HIM! Into....creative COMPLETION!
That awesome feeling then, just catipults me forward with every project I make; Every color I choose; Every person I choose to make a homemade gift for! Why would we choose any other way to say "I Love You, too"!, then when we gift another from the heart?! There is no creative medium that God did not create...HE IS...The CREATOR! And, WE ARE the most important creation He ever made....why wouldn't we honor and cherish each other in just that special way...from our heart, through our God, who blesses it all in return.

My daughter and son love to make homemade cards for everyone, and I save everyone they ever made! From birthdays, to Mother's day...and every special day in between, there's always room for one more gift from a creative spirit...He made us to do just that! Give from the heart...HOMEMADE is a DEVINE, that no words but God's Word can deliver! 
Thanks be to God for ART, because it is ALIVE through our Lord and Savior...the one that makes it all possible! Every color tells a story, and the rainbow is our promise of continuation in LIFE & could you ever look at color any other way...except that of celebration and inspiration? When I see a vast array of colorful yarn...I see people I want to bless with a hat, or a scarf...something to warm them and keep them safe from evil that threatens to plague them in the icky weather months. So, then...with hooks in every bag I own, I am armed with the Word of go forth and witness to another, about how He inspires me to think of their needs first! Knowing then, that [my harvest] awaits me, in the days to come!

Praise the Lord, how I a good project! And that's again, why I am here now, to encourage you to do the same...
Let's all "Get Hooked" on Crochet & Praise for God's gift of "home-made", that we might be able to continue spreading His beautiful, stitch at a time!