Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration Hour is in the wash...literally!

Have you ever been there? You know, when you're in the middle of something, and the lightbulb goes off?! It usually happens to me when I'm driving down the road or I'm in the! Trust me, when I tell you how hard it is to get to a pen and paper when you're all lathered up! And so the story guessed it...SOAP!

Remember years ago, when you were a kid (now, that is, if you're as old as me!) and if you're not...well, GOOGLE IT! I know you'll find one of these in some vintage shop somewhere in the world..."Soap on a Rope"! It used to be really funny at Christmas time...everyone got one as a gift! Then, over time...liquid soap emerged and everyone got washed up with their scrubby somethin' or other. That was fantastic, until I had children! The first couple of years was okay...I washed them; now, they wash themselves...with about 100 ounces of soap (that's like the whole container in one shower!), if you get my meaning here! It's not really funny...but, then...we can laugh about it after the fact...until, THE NEXT TIME!

So, then you have to factor in the costs of all this soap X 4 people living in our house using it every day! It is getting ridulous...just about as bad as the toothpaste that gets spit in the sink before anyone actually brushes their teeth with it! Some days, as a mom...I feel doomed to product injustice here!

This past Christmas, my sister sent us some specialty made soaps! I was thrilled, but then...the trick to make them last was heavy on my mind...because a bar of soap in my childrens' hands becomes a pools delight, and quickly melts away in a tub of trucks, barbies and whatever else they drag in there with them!

The search was on...what could I make to preserve the soap, and still get the 'dirty' job done? Hence, the newest design in 'Soap Coats' was born!
I started with a little bit of Lily's Sugar n' Cream 100% USA Grown Cotton ("Over the Rainbow), a 'G' hook and a dream....
then, a half our later...
the "Shelley's Son-Washed Soap Coat" came to BE!
I couldn't have made it better if I had tried...I was elated! I shared it with my sister, who gifted the soap to us in the beginning. Now, this is where the story gets even better....she says, 'you need to share this pattern with me!'...which, I am very happy to do! So, for all of you...who are interested in saving a little soap and money in your growing household....I posted the pattern for you to try as well! If you do give it a whirl, please post for us all to see...and help keep the inspiration going! Anyone wishing to use this pattern, please be kind, and give me the credit...and don't sell it online.

And, if you're interested in finding out more about Shelley's awesome Organic Handmade Soaps, please feel free to contact her at: Shelley's Son-Washed Soaps;
And I love that she dedicates her bars to our Lord and Savior, in all that she makes for your usage...she shares: Psalm 51:76 "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."

These 'Soap Coats' can be purchase at my etsy site as well (Coming SOON)! Ask how you can order 'more for less'! They will also hold a traditional bar of Dove soap, as well.


Son-Washed Soap Coat Pattern: 

Begin, by using your 'G' hook to ch 10, then sc back 9sts, and add 1 sc in the same st, then keep turning to cross other side of ch just made, while continuing to sc 9 more sts, adding 1 additional sc in this last st made. =  you will have 20sts in this 1st round made.
(*You will need to use a stitch marker to indicate where your rnds start and stop...because these are continuous rounds!)

Now, for RND 2: sc in next 8 sts, inc 2sc in next 2 sts, then sc in next 8 sts, and inc 2sc in next 2 sts to end of rnd = you will now have 24 sts at the end of this 2nd rnd.

Next, for RND 3: sc in next 9 sts, inc 2sc in next 3sts, then sc in the next 9 sts, and inc 2sc in next 3 sts to end of rnd = you will now have 30 sts at the end of this 3rd rnd.

Starting in RND 4 and continuing around to RND 18, you will continue to sc around, 30sts ea rnd, remembering to keep moving your stitch marker up each round you make.

RND 19: ch 3, sc in next st, and then sc around to st 15; ch 12 (begin to create the puff st in the last ch made *dc 5 times in same st, dropping last st, go back to beginning dc made, and pull yarn through from first st to last st, then sc once (puff st. made); then, sc 11 times back down the same ch made and sc in original st started at, then sc the next 14 sts around, sl st in 15th st, and sc 3 times into the first ch 3 made; sl st in next 2 st and tie off.

Now, take your yarn needle, and weave in your ends; Insert your soap into it's new 'coat' and get washin'! 
**Tip: The puff st. will act as your button through the lil' hole you made on the other side...this all holds in your soap, so it doesn't slide on out! If you find that it's not big enough use 6dc to make your completed puff, instead of 5dc.)
And if you're still confused...hopefully your not, lol! Please feel free to email me for further instruction...  Thanks!